Blue Cave Recreational Diving and Tropical Fish-Feeding Experience Diving

Special coupon for foreign customers: Free waterproof digital camera rental !(worth of ¥2,000)

You can enjoy swimming aside tropical fishes, feeding them while diving inside and out of Blue cave. The tour will be a small group session and the tour will be reserved just for your own group. As there is no mixing with other groups, the guests can keep their own pace to practice snorkelng.

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1.Land lecture session.

Learn the basic scuba diving skills in the lecture session on land.

You must be excited but may be nervous for your first diving in Okinawa. Nagi’s recreational diving will be a small group session. There will be no mixing with other groups, so you can enjoy your own snorkeling tour with your friends and family.

2.Practice swimming in shallow water.

swim in shallow water first and get used to water.

After the lecture on land, it’s time to practice breathing in knee-deep water.
Once you master the proper breathing in the water, snorkeling in blue cave would be more fun. You will be surprised how easy and relaxing the snorkel is.

3.Let's get into the water.

It’s time to play with lovely tropical fishes in Okinawa’s beautiful ocean.

Once you dived into the water, you will realize how simple and pleasing the diving is. Tropical fishes swimming aside you, beautiful corals, and the atomosphare of Blue cave will give you an unforgettable experience.

4.Exploring underwater.

Instructors will lead you safely.

Hold firmly onto the instructors and let them lead you to the underwater world.
You will experiance feeling like flying in the deep water.
Our skilled instructors will lead you safely.

5.Reaching the Blue Cave!

Dreamy blue vision.

In the fantasical quiet space surrounded bymagical bue would stop the clock ticking.
Enjoy swimming with Tropical fishes in the cave!
Blue cave recreational diving tour will be with one instructer per group of two participants.

6.Feed the fish!

Let’s feed the fis after exploring the cave.

Once you are out of the cave, there are colorful ttropical fishes await you! Feed them and play with them!

7.Meet the cute clownfish fish!

Observe the clownfish family living in the Sea Anemone!

You will meet various kinds creatures you have never seen in the ocean. It’s going to be an adventure time for you!


Free 24 underwater pictures included.

Fishes will come along and swim with you while you are in the water. Instructors will take memorable pictures of you! Of course the service is included!

foreign customersdiscounted from the regular price

¥ 11,800

Fee: ¥13,800 → ¥11,800
(tax, tour guide fee, rental equipment, insurance and facility usage fee)

Reservation form



  • Tour Name

    A.Blue Cave Recreational Diving and Tropical Fish-Feeding Experience Diving

  • Fee

    ¥13,800→¥11,800 (discounted from the regular price)

  • Duration

    About 3 Hours

  • Meeting Time

    8:00am / 10:30am / 1:20pm / 3:30pm Four time slots a day

  • Entry Qualifications

    12 years old to 64 years old.
    *Agreement document by a guardian required for Minors.
    *Medical certificate by doctor is reuired if you are 59 years old and older.

  • What to prepare

    Swimsuit, Spare clothes. *Free rental towels.

General instructions

The tour is rarely affected by weather conditions, and is usually held in the rain.
The program is subject to be changed/cancelled according to water condition.
※In case the tour is cancelled, we will inform you by 7am-8am for the morning slots and by 11:00am-1:00pm for the courses in the afternoon.
Please make sure your mobile phone is on and contactable around the time.

Health condition and participation

12 years old and older and healthy.
*Agreement document by a guardian required for Minors. Please Note the Flight and Scuba Diving Precautions written below.

A single dive: A minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours.
Multiple dives: A minimum pre-flight surface interval of 24 hours.

*Download Medical history form and Medical certificate form here. Please contact us if you have any questions.
*Download Agreement document form here if the participant is a minor. Please make sure to bring the document with you on the designated activity date.


Cancellation date / Charge
On the day of your activity / 100%

Medical History

asthma, breathing trouble, choking feeling, chronic sinusitis, epilepsy, tuberculosis, long-term lung disorders, brain diseases, bone marrow diseases, nerve disorders, pneumothorax, faint experience, paroxysmal attack experience, consciousness loss experience, diabetes, chest operation experience, cardiac diseases, chronic bronchitis, current chest diseases, high blood pressure, ear operation experience, ear barotrauma on flight, chronic ear diseases or inflammation, operation experience or any other diseases within a past month.
*currently on drugs prescribed by a doctor or others (except contraceptives), pregnant, alcohol consuming within 8 hours

In order to secure customer’s safety, he/she may be declined to join the tour even with a medical certificate from a doctor. Please ask when making a reservation.