The sense of restlessness in diving can be completely eliminated!
Nagi’s experience diving is super comfortable, because the full face mask!

What is the full face mask?

The full face mask is a diving mask that can cover the entire face. The difference from the normal mask is that the mask and the regulator are integrated, so don’t worry about falling off. And the breathing is all inside the mask makes it easy to breathe.

Moreover, the regulator is put in the mouth and breathing only by mouth in normal diving. The advantage of the full face mask is that you can breathe by both mouth and nose, so you can breathe in the same way as you usually breathe on land. For this reason, you can enjoy diving with little stress even under water.

The full face mask ties with 5 belts to cover the whole face firmly. For this reason, there is almost don’t worry about water comes to the mask, and even if water comes inside the mask, it can be easily to let the water out.

Customers who is diving for the first time may feel anxiety,
“Can I really breathe under water?”
“What should I do if water comes to the mask?”
“Can I put on the regulator properly?”
However, full face mask can solve all these anxiety.

Benefits of the full face mask

  • Breathing through both the mouth and nose is possible, so breathing in the water is very easy!
  • There is almost no water comes to the mask!
  • There is no trouble such as the regulator (breathing device) failing off the mouth!
  • Because you don’t need to put it in your mouth, so you won’t get tired of your jaw or feel uncomfortable in your mouth!
  • Easy to do ear pressure balance when diving!
    (You can move your mouth, so it’s as easy as to do like by airplane!)
  • You can make facial expressions that were difficult with normal masks!
    When you laugh with a normal mask, water from the laughing wrinkles may comes inside.
    However the full face mask can make a smile, so you can take pictures of the smile!
  • Benefits for women !It will be no problem with makeup!
    Because the mask covers all the entire face, makeup is hard to collapse!
※ The full face mask cannot be used if the face is not suitable.
If we determine that the face is not suitable, you’ll use a general mask and a regulator (breathing device).

The safety is also excellent!

For example, even if you lose consciousness under water, you won’t drink the sea water when you put on the full face mask because the air is keep in the space inside the mask. Even those who wants to try diving but too full of anxiety to enjoy diving with. Please enjoy the beautiful ocean of Okinawa with the full face mask!!

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Full face mask

Full face mask