• In case of no reply made within three days after making a reservation, please contact us email.
    (The reservation can not be established only by the one mail you sent.)
  • Depending on the state of the day of the sea, there is the case that some of the tour content is subject to change.
  • Please always follow the instructions your instructor gives in order to practice in safety.
  • At our shop, diving on the return flight boarding day can not participate.
  • *Agreement document by a guardian required for Minors (under 20).

Medical Record

  • There may be cases where we refuse tour participation if alcohol remains.
    Please refrain from drinking on the day.
  • Pregnant people can not participate.
  • If you are 60 years old and older, in order to have it participate safely,
    Medical certificate by doctor is required.
    Snorkering, KayakCLICK HERE
    DivingCLICK HERE
  • If over 65 years old, we’re sorry, you can not participate in all tours.
    (Regardless of bringing the Medical certificate.)
  • The detail of the medical record is listed at the bottom of each tour page.
  • There may be a case that you may be declined to join the activity even if with a medical certificate in consideration of your safety.
    Please be sure to contact us before making a reservation.
  • There’s a case you may be declined to join the activity without a medical certificate.

Payment Method

  • Payment can be made on the day and at the spot of your activity in Japanese currency.
  • Credit cards accepted.


  • If you will have to cancel your designated activity, cancellation must be made as soon as possible.
    Cancellation date / Cancellation fee
    On the day of your activity / 100%

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