Q1. Do you hold it even in the rain?

A1. The weather does not affect the hosting of the tour even if it rains.
Very rarely, it may be canceled due to typhoons and other reasons.

Q2. Do you have a tour even in winter?

A2. Of course!
It is held throughout the year.

Q3. I am not good at swimming. Can I join the tour?

A3. Even if you are not good at swimming, you can snorkel and diving.
However, physical strength to the extent that everyday life is possible is necessary.

Q4. Can I still wear contacts lenses?

A4. If you are a soft contact, you can join the tour while wearing it.
There are few things that will come off,
but please understand that we can not be compensated if you come off.
If you are worried, we will prepare a mask with a degree.

Q5. Can I join the tour even during menstruation?

A5. If there is no hindrance to everyday life, you can participate by using sanitary supplies.
However, if you have a heavy symptom or your mental condition is unstable as you take medicine,
let ‘s stop without impossible.


◆When using tampons
If you are experienced, you can use as usual.
Considering hygienic things, we recommend that you change immediately at the end of the tour.
If you do not have experience, when you may be concerned about discomfort,
you will be burdened on your stomach, do not forcibly use it.
We think that it is good to get used to tampons in your normal life.

◆When using napkins
If you do not have experience with using tampons, those with discomfort can use napkins.
After wearing napkins and underwear, further if you wear swimsuits and wear shorts it can not see it from the outside.
Also, it is possible to change clothes in the changing room.
However, because it will absorb up to sea water, so you should go to the restroom as soon as possible
and change to a new napkin at the end of the tour.

Q6. What do I need for my belongings?

A6. Your belongings are OK with swimwear only.
Swimming suit can be prepare smoothly on the day you wear it under clothes beforehand.

Q7. Are there changing rooms and showers?

A7. Both changing rooms and hot water showers are available free of charge.
You can change your clothes after the tour ends.

Q8. Please tell me the cost separately in addition to the amount stated.

A8. For all courses, equipment rental, insurance, tour fee is included.
Separately required cost is, if those who have seasickness purchase medicine,
or it is necessary for use the locker(100 yen return system).
So please bring coins.

Q9. Is your native language (English) coach?

A9. The tour hold simple English.
(Because all the instructors are Japanese.)
The explanation on land is done by native staff.
However, depending on the reservation situation, supporting in native language may be difficult.

Q10. Do I have to make a reservation in advance?

A10. Yes. All courses are necessary to reserved.
Reservation from the form is possible until 13:00 on the previous day.

Q11. Will you pick me up at the hotel?

A11. We’re sorry, Pick-up service does not conduct.
Please visit us at the rental car or taxi.

Q12. Is there a parking charge?

A12. Guests who participate in the tour are free.

Q13. Please tell me how to get to Marine club Nagi.

◆For rental-car
15 minutes from Okinawa Expressway Ishikawa IC
It is near to “Cape Maeda”(Blue Cave).
Please come looking for a sign of “Nagi”.
Map code:206 062 419
(Distance from Naha city 1.5 hours)

◆For bus
Use No.20 or No.120 bus.
The nearest bus stop of our shop is “久良波Kuraha”.
From “久良波Kuraha” to our shop is 20 minutes walking distance.
(Distance from Naha city 2 hours)

Q14. How old can you participate in the tour?

A14. Snorkering, Kayak … 6~64 years old
Diving … 12~64 years old
※Regard to the customers who 60~64 years old,
in order to participate in safety, it requires a medical certificate.
Snorkering, Kayak(CLICK HERE
※More than 65 years old can not join the tour.

Q15. Can I join the tour during pregnancy?

A15. We’re sorry, in order in safety,
you can not participate in the tour during pregnancy.

Q16. Is alcohol ingestion possible on the day?

A16. If alcohol remains, because it is very dangerous,
there may be cases where we refuse tour participation.
Do not ingest alcohol on the day of participation.

Q17. Is there anything necessary for Minors(Under 20) to participate in the tour?

A17. Minors(Under 20) should agree with parents.
Received a sign of parents, please bring on the day.
If you can not bring, you can not participate.

Q18. I have a chronic illness now. Is participation possible, is it possible?

A18. Those who applicable the following medical history,
please be sure to contact us before making a reservation.
asthma, breathing trouble, choking feeling, chronic sinusitis,
epilepsy, tuberculosis, long-term lung disorders, brain diseases,
bone marrow diseases, nerve disorders, pneumothorax,
paroxysmal attack experience, consciousness loss experience,
diabetes, chest operation experience, cardiac diseases,
chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure,
ear operation experience, ear barotrauma on flight,
chronic ear diseases or inflammation, other diseases and medicine taken.
※There may be a case that you may be declined to join the activity even
if with a medical certificate in consideration of your safety.