Snorkeling at Blue Cave & Beautiful Water where subtropical fishes await you

Special coupon for foreign customers: Free waterproof digital camera rental !(worth of ¥2,000)

Departure towards the cave of Okinawa blue. Light that plugs into the cave inside will shine blue on the water. Enjoy the sea of Okinawa which is surrounded by tropical fish.

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1.Leaving for the cave

Snorkeling at Blue Cave & Beautiful Water where subtropical fishes await you

2.What is waiting after passing through the subtropical forest?

See these large solid rocks you perhaps have never seen before!

3.Now get ready to explore the mysterious blue cave the nature has created.

Getting closer to the point. Watch out your steps!

5.Okinawa’s mystery, the Blue cave. It is where beautiful sunlight shines underwater.

Surrounding yourself with the arcane lights will be one of your unforgettable memories.

6.Enjoy the moments snorkeling at the cave, in where subtropical fish swim shining.

Whether you can swim or not, no worries with wetsuits that make you float! Just enjoy your snorkeling experience!

7.More snorkeling? Feed beautiful fishes outside the cave afterwards.

Expand your snorkeling experience! Numerous colorful fishes await you even outside the cave!

8.Stunning subtropical fishes are all around you. Being swarmed by them makes your Okinawa water experience a spectacular one!

See how many they are ! They are all waiting on you to feed them picking your fingers. How amazing!

foreign customersdiscounted from the regular price

¥ 5,500

Fee: ¥6,800 → ¥5,500
(tax, tour guide fee, rental equipment, insurance and facility usage fee)

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  • Tour Name

    B.Snorkeling at Blue Cave & Beautiful Water where subtropical fishes wait you

  • Price

    ¥6,800→¥5,500 (discounted from the regular price)

  • Duration

    About 2 – 3 hours

  • Meeting

    Available Four times a day: 8am / 10:30am / 1:30pm / 3:30pm

  • Minimum age to participata

    6 years old
    As for those age of between 59 and 64 which is the maximum age for the tour, a medical certificate from a doctor is required.

  • What to bring

    Swim suits, clothes for after the activity (towel rental is provided for free)


The service is still provided in rain.
Tours and the destination of the day of the excursion are subject to change based on local sea conditions.
*In case of cancellation, you will be notified between 7 and 8 in the morning for the morning excursion, and 11 and 1 in the afternoon for the afternoon excursion through the phone number you provide us.

No cancellation accepted even in the case any of the schedule of the tour has been changed due to local sea condition.

Regulations for participating

Must be at least 6 years old and good in physical condition.
Under 20 of age must be signed by his/her parent or guardian.

*Download Medical history form and Medical certificate form here. Please contact us if you have any questions.
*Download Agreement document form here if the participant is a minor. Please make sure to bring the document with you on the designated activity date.


Cancellation date / Charge
On the day of your activity / 100%

Medical History

asthma, breathing trouble, choking feeling, chronic sinusitis, epilepsy, tuberculosis, long-term lung disorders, brain diseases, bone marrow diseases, nerve disorders, pneumothorax, faint experience, paroxysmal attack experience, consciousness loss experience, diabetes, chest operation experience, cardiac diseases, chronic bronchitis, current chest diseases, high blood pressure, ear operation experience, ear barotrauma on flight, chronic ear diseases or inflammation, operation experience or any other diseases within a past month.
*currently on drugs prescribed by a doctor or others (except contraceptives), pregnant, alcohol consuming within 8 hours

In order to secure customer’s safety, he/she may be declined to join the tour even with a medical certificate from a doctor. Please ask when making a reservation.