In Nagi, We wash for all the equipment you use, sterilize and disinfect with acidic water.
It is a service only for Nagi in Okinawa! Please use with confidence!

Safe and secure diving with disinfected equipment!

Let’s wear sterilized and safe equipment just because it is something to wear and equipment in the mouth! Rental equipment used for diving. Hygiene management is especially important because it is directly contained in your skin and mouth. We have prepared equipment sterilized using acid water that is highly effective against viruses and bacteria!

Mask, snorkel, regulator, wetsuit! Good hygiene management because it is what you put on your face, what you wear, and what in your mouth!

The masks, snorkels in the mouth, wet suits are covered with oily stains of sebum, viruses and germs. Simply washing with water does not completely remove germs and oil stains. At first, we attach to alkaline water to remove grease stains, remove grease stains, and then sterilize with acidic water, which has excellent sterilization capacity.

Nagi is the only company that performs sterilization processing using this machine at a diving shop in Okinawa! Introduced electrolyzed water production machines used in hospitals, nursery schools and restaurants!

Acid and alkaline water production machine ROX!

  • Model name: ROX-60C
  • Power: single phase 100V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 340 / 340W
  • Standard performance
  • Electrolyzed water generation flow:  acidic electrolyzed water / alkaline electrolyzed water: approx. 6.0 L / min or less (However, a supply pressure of 0.3 MPa or more is required to achieve 4.0 to 6.0 L / min)
  • Effective chlorine concentration:  acidic electrolyzed water side 10 ~ 60mg / kg
  • Electrolyzed water pH:  Acid electrolyzed water: about 5.0 or less, alkaline electrolyzed water: about 10.5 or more (Note) Varies depending on raw water quality and water temperature

At our company, we sterilize using the above equipment. We provide safe rental equipment to our customers.

ROX Sterilized with acidic and alkaline water

What is acidic electrolyzed water?

Acid electrolyzed water is produced by electrolyzing tap water to which a small amount of salt is added, so that acidic water is generated from the anode side and alkaline water is generated from the cathode side. . Acidic water has a bactericidal effect equal to or better than hypochlorous acid and alcohol, and is made harmless to the body even if it is contained in the mouth because it is produced with water and salt. It is used for sterilizing foods and utensils of hospitals, nursery schools and restaurants.

Acidic electrolyzed water

The acidic electrolyzed water contains activated hypochlorous acid (HClO), and has a bactericidal effect against food-borne bacteria such as coronavirus and MRSA, pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, salmonella, and pathogenic Escherichia coli.

Acidic electrolyzed water is effective in preventing secondary pollution!

The cutting board surface was washed for about 30 seconds with ROX acidic electrolyzed water. It can be seen that colonies of general viable bacteria and coliforms decrease.

In-house test results using food stamps

Excellent point of acidic electrolyzed water!

  • Sterilizing power equal to or better than 0.1% aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite and 70% of disinfecting alcohol. A wide range of bactericidal spectrum, it can kill coronavirus, MRSA and spores.
  • After acting on the target bacterium and exerting its bactericidal effect, it expires immediately. Therefore, there is no persistence or toxicity like chemicals such as disinfectants and pesticides, and there is almost no fear of rough hands.
  • Decomposes bacteria that cause putrefaction odor by high oxidizing power. Demonstrates an excellent deodorant effect. It also has a bleaching effect.

Rental equipment used for diving. Hygiene management is especially important because it is directly contained in your skin and mouth. Please use safe disinfected equipment.